Klabbes Bank – “Jamtland”


Today’s video is from Swedish Jazz outfit Klabbes Bank.  You’ll be reading a lot about them this week on Bird is the Worm, as I review their newest album Protect the Forest, as well as publish two Safety New reviews of their previous two albums.  They’re one of my favorite modern jazz ensembles, and I’m looking forward to sharing their music with you.

This video, which I know almost nothing about other than the song appears to be titled “Jamtland” (it doesn’t seem to be from anything on any of their four recordings) puts together music I like with video footage of the Swedish countryside from a moving train.  Just beautiful.



I should add, by way of open invitation to other jazz artists, if you set one of your album’s tracks to footage taken from a moving train, I will feature it on my These Are Videos That I Like series, which typically also include a synopsis of the current release and some links to artist and retail sites.  So, keep that in mind, for whatever it’s worth.

Have a great Sunday!