Kneebody at the Lyric Theatre, Lexington KY


It would be a pretty good idea to be in Lexington, KY on Thursday night.  Kneebody is gonna be in town for a December 7th show at the Lyric Theatre.  This is gonna get framed as a jazz show.  I get that.  The quintet of keyboardist Adam Benjamin, trumpeter Shane Endsley, electric bassist Kaveh Rastegar, saxophonist Ben Wendel and drummer Nate Wood came up through the jazz tradition.  But with each subsequent album, their sound has increasingly transcended that tag, and the music isn’t really tethered to any particular genre as a prime mover.  In many ways, we can say this same thing about Beck or Radiohead or Psychic Temple.  For some musicians, there is no preconceived final destination for how it all comes out sounding.  They are just as likely to rock or groove or drone as they are to bop.  What you can expect is it will be exceedingly fun.

This show is part of the Origins Jazz Series, which has begun bringing some intriguing shows to the Lexington scene.

Here’s a track off Kneebody’s 2017 release Anti-Human.  We have no way of knowing what any one live show will ultimately sound like, but here’s a sense of what’s what:

You can listen to the whole album, and purchase it, on their Bandcamp page.

The show details:

When:  Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 7:30pm

Where:  Lyric Theatre, 300 E. Third, Lexington, KY.

Tickets are $25.

The Lyric Theatre’s site-> LINK

The band’s site-> LINK

Check out Kneebody’s music on their Bandcamp page-> LINK

Learn more about the Origins Jazz Series-> LINK

Here’s a video from a recent show at Blue Note Milano…