Let’s take a moment and watch some ECM Records videos


Let’s continue the ECM Records takeover of Bird is the Worm with some videos.

Even casual readers of this site will know that I’m a sucker for certain qualities in a music video.  One of those are when a city skyline appears in the background.  And, so, here’s a video of the Marcin Wasilewski Trio at the 2016 Jazztopad Festival at Dizzy’s Club in NYC.  One of my very favorite albums is Wasilewski’s 2008 release January.

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This next video far predates the latest release from saxophonist Andy Sheppard, but it’s too cool not to feature.  The saxophonist teams up with percussionist Kuljit Bhamra on a rendition of “Dear Prudence.”  The video is plenty fun all on its own, but this charming cover of a favorite song really makes this a special video.  We recently featured a write-up of Sheppard’s recent release Romaria.  Credit to Scot Alessi for putting this video together.

Learn more at ECM Records.  Available at Amazon.

Okay, I’m not entirely sure what exactly this is from, and I place equal blame on Google Translate and the various middle school and high school teachers who failed miserably at teaching me French.  With that out of the way, my best guess is that there was an art project at a festival where concert goers were asked to sketch while they were listening to the music.  Here’s a video that might explain more, and here’s the site that video links to.  The music in this video features Mathias EickA write-up of his latest album Ravensburg posted just yesterday.

Learn more at ECM Records.  Available at Amazon.

And we’ll wrap up with a video that should look pretty familiar to you.  It was featured along with the write-up for the lovely new release from the trio of drummer Shinya Fukumori, tenor saxophonist Matthieu Bordenave and pianist Walter Lang, titled For 2 Akis.  But the video is so cool, I just had to feature it again.

Learn more at ECM Records.  Available at Amazon.