Mark Weinstein – “Latin Jazz Underground”


Mark Weinstein - "Latin Jazz Underground"Just a thrilling album from veteran flautist, Mark Weinstein, who employs concert, alto and bass flutes for this session.  On Latin Jazz Underground, he’s joined by a strong line-up consisting of bassist Rashaan Carter, drummer Gerald Cleaver, percussionist Roman Diaz, and pianist Aruan Ortiz.

Ortiz composed the songs for Weinstein’s excellent 2011 release El Cumbanchero, and contributes two more to this effort.  Intriguingly, the quintet also covers songs by free jazz artists Ornette Coleman, Sam Rivers, and Andrew Hill.  That Weinstein is able to incorporate the cerebral nature of the originals into a fluid Latin Jazz recording is no small accomplishment.

Take, for example, tracks like the Ornette Coleman composition “Open Or Close” and the Sam Rivers tune “Dance of the Tripedal,” (one of two Rivers compositions)… Weinstein doesn’t turn his back on the skittering tempos of the originals, but transforms them into rhythmic currents more likely to inspire the motion of dance than the cerebral vise grip of the originals.  And on the other Rivers composition, “Mellifluous Cacophony,” Weinstein retains Rivers’ hard-charging swing, but punctuates the rhythmic path with trail markers that provide a tighter, more focused feel.  With Andrew Hill’s “For Emilio,” Weinstein lets the song peacefully drift away.

One of those recordings that just sweeps a listener up and carries them away.  And yet another strong release from the Zoho label, to boot.

Your album personnel:  Mark Weinstein (concert, alto & bass flutes), Aruan Ortiz (piano), Rashaan Carter (bass), Gerald Cleaver (drums), and Roman Diaz (percussion).

Released on Zoho Music.

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