Moskus – “Mestertyven”


Moskus - "Mestertyven"There is something particularly charming about the ramshackle sound of the Moskus trio.  It is jumbled music that is perpetually coming apart at the seams, and yet is presented with such a solemn tone that it embodies the imagery of a gospel hymn tumbling down the church steps on a peaceful Sunday morning.

Their new album, Mestertyven, was recorded in a church in a tiny town in Norway, though this doesn’t have any causal effect on their sound, as their debut album, Salmesykkel, possessed a similar disposition (review HERE).  That said, switching out a studio environment for something with the ambiance of age, in addition to the switch from grand piano to upright makes this a more intimate affair, and the disjointed music becomes more personable and simpler for the ear to gather up.

Most appealing about the recording are those moments when the trio suddenly comes together in unison, providing a bridge between the disjointed tunes and adding a necessary melodicism and rhythmic cohesiveness.  That the deconstructed piano-led jazz tune “Fjesing” transitions into the pop tune ditty of “Tandem med Sankt Peter” is a welcome bit of contrast, and the way in which the unpredictable tides of “Yttersvingen” and the staggered slow crawl of “Jag är ett ägg” lead into the melodic wind sprint of “Rullings” and the similarly inclined, glittering starlight of “Lille Trille” provide not only infusions of beauty, but also a decisive context in which to view those tunes comprised of pieces that don’t so easily snap into place.

The album closes out, first, with the pretty lullaby of “Tradisjonskvelern,” a simple tune that inspires the nuance of dreams, and then, second and final, the murmur of “Gammel-Erik,” a piece that encapsulates the trio’s overarching solemn tone… a quality that serves as the glue to all of the jumbled, disjointed tones and rhythms that comprise this charming music.

Your album personnel:  Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson (double bass), Anja Lauvdal (piano), and Hans Hulbækmo (drums).

Released on the Hubro Music label.

Jazz from the Trondheim, Norway scene.

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