My new Jazz Picks are up at eMusic


As most of you are aware, I write a weekly column for that gives a rundown of the best of the new Jazz releases each week (my Jazz Picks).

Anyways, they’ve just been posted up on the eMusic site HERE.

Notable albums from this week’s article are:

John Ruocco & Adrian Mears - "Meet the Wurzburg Philharmonic"Matana Roberts - "Coin Coin Chapter 2 Mississippi Moonchile"Tim Berne - "Shadow Man"Nocz Quartet - "Toys, Toys, and Toys"





… and a handful of other decent possibilities.  I think I only rec’d about ten albums this week, which is pretty slim… for me, at least.  But my Pick of the Week is really good, and I’ll writing more about it soon on BitW.  Also, a couple slightly older albums from the South Korea scene, which, also, I’ll be writing more about in the coming weeks.