My Northern Spy Records label profile article is up at eMusic


Northern Spy Records label imageA little label profile I helped put together for eMusic just got published.  Its subject is the unclassifiable outfit that goes by the name of Northern Spy Records, which focuses on anything experimental, no matter what genre it might belong to.  And, really, most of its music doesn’t belong to any genre.  Pretty much every album they release would fall under my Something Different review series.

Anyways, here’s A Link to the article.

And if you’re an eMusic member, here’s A Link to a free 16-track sampler on the eMusic site, courtesy of the artists, the label, and with the help of the nice people over in eMusic’s label relations department. (EDIT:  At the moment, the free sampler may still be showing a price… eMusic’s been notified and, I assume, will set the sampler to Free.  By the time you read this and follow the link, it may have been fixed. Cheers-  DSS/BitW)

Tons of music to stream on Northern Spy’s Soundcloud page.

And This Link should take you to a couple BitW Tiny Reviews of Northern Spy Records label albums, by the Chicago Underground Duo and Charles Gayle.

Special personal thanks to Northern Spy’s Adam Downey, who put some serious collaborative sweat-work into this article, and to my eMusic editor-in-chief, J. Edward Keyes, for his various sources of help in pulling this together.