Name Your Price: Paul Jones with Leon Boykins and Rajiv Jayaweera


Today’s featured Name Your Price recording is from Paul Jones.

The saxophonist’s 2017 release Clean was one of the very best things to come out that year.  It earned the #11 slot on the Best of 2017 list with its intoxicating blend of modern jazz and chamber music that incorporated subtle influences of minimalism, classical and hip hop.

Paul Jones with Leon Boykins and Rajiv Jayaweera is a bird of a different feather.  This straight ahead session sees Jones in a trio setting and working a set of standards.  Unlike the inventive Clean, this album, recorded in his home studio, has a pulse that’ll never get misidentified as coming anywhere but from the heart of jazz.

If you’re new to Paul Jones, this is a plenty enjoyable album for an introduction before moving on to Clean  And if you’ve already scooped up Clean and want to hear a different facet of the saxophonist’s music, then right here is your next step.

Your album personnel:  Paul Jones (tenor sax), Leon Boykins (bass) and Rajiv Jayaweera (drums).

Learn more about the album, and download it, at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Once a week, we’ll be featuring an album set to sell at Name Your Price.

A quick note about Name Your Price etiquette:  Whether marked Free or Name Your Price, this music is free for you to download.  You should.  The musicians want you to have it in your music library to enjoy.  But if you’re reading this site, no matter how diverse your backgrounds and experiences and lives may be, I’m completely certain that you all give a damn about the musicians who make your lives better with their creative pursuits, and you’d like to support them.  So, for those of you who don’t have a lot of familiarity with the Bandcamp NYP/Free models, here’s some approaches people commonly take:

  • Download the album, entering $0.00 as the price (for the Name Your Price), and if you like the music, you go back to download it again and this time enter a dollar amount that you think is fair; and if you don’t like the album, pay nothing.
  • Download the album, entering $0.00 as the price, and if you like the music, you go check out their proper studio recordings and buy one of those instead.
  • Download the album, entering $0.00 as the price, and if you like the album, you go buy a ticket to one of their shows and check them out live, and maybe shoot them an email or social media comment letting them know their free album compelled you to support their show.

Obviously, any funds these musicians raise is gonna get invested in making more music, so it’s in everyone’s best interests that we financially support the musicians who build the creative supports that we rely upon to get through life and to remind us how beautiful life can be.