New Article Series Feature: First Impression


So, I’m gonna start up a new series called First Impression.

As I search the internet for cool new music, I run into Bandcamp and Soundcloud and Artist Sites that let me stream all (or nearly all) of a particular album.  Many times, I’ve never heard of these particular musicians and ensembles before.  This is my introduction to their music.  Sometimes I get a pretty strong connection to it.  Sometimes that connection is euphoric, sometimes surreal, sometimes furious.

I’m only going to write about the albums that I make a strong connection with, however it may manifest.  I’m only going to write about musicians/ensembles/projects that I was, heretofore, unfamiliar with.  And I’m only going to write about albums that are publicly available to stream on the internet… that any of us can hear at any time.

My First Impression “reviews” are not going to be comprehensive or balanced or probably even very analytical.  They’ll be stream-of-conscious one-draft emotional responses.

I will likely embarrass myself.  Repeatedly.

First Impression will be a celebration of Music Discovery, an exaltation of that first moment, which we all experience at some time, when music makes that sublime connection with us.  I hope that it serves, also, as a suitable thank you to all those wonderful musicians and ensembles who put their music out there for people to hear.


-Bird is the Worm