On the air: Tuesday, 6-8pm (EST) on ARTxFM Mingle


BitW square avatarTomorrow night, Tuesday (12/22/2015), I’ll be returning as a guest tonight on the Louisville-based ARTxFM show Mingle, hosted by Kevin Coultas.

I’ll be featuring some of my favorite music from 2015, as well as some new releases that came out just as the year was winding to a close.

The show runs from 6-8pm (EST) on WXOX 97.1 FM.  They’re still testing their antenna signal, so if your radio connect isn’t picking it up, then visit this station site page (LINK) to either listen via their embedded audio player or download one of their recommended apps.

And if you can’t check it out live, I’ll be posting the audio archive of the show, as well as some links to write-ups of some of the albums featured on the show.

And, remember, if you’re playing the custom ARTxFM Mingle drinking game… each time I mispronounce a musician’s name, you take a shot.  Double it if I also misidentify the correct album title, song title, or geographical location.  If I forget either Kevin or my own name, then it’s three shots.  Might be a good idea to be proactive and call in sick to work for Wednesday right now.