On the Radio: A guest spot on ARTxFM’s Mingle


BitW square avatarIt’s my pleasure to announce that I’ll be guesting on Kevin Coultas‘s ARTxFM Louisville radio show, Mingle, Tuesday, March 17th from 8-10pm (EST).

If you’re not able to receive the transmission, you’ll be able to hear the entire show on Coultas’s Mixcloud page (LINK).  After the show is over, I’ll update the links, etc, on this post, and write up a little something on the experience.

Not sure if this is going to be a one-shot or semi-regular thing, but I’m flattered to be asked in the first place.

Here’s a tentative list of musicians you will likely hear that evening:

  • Rudresh Mahanthappa
  • Jeremy Udden & Nicolas Moreaux
  • Markus Pesonen Hendectet
  • Emil de Waal, Gustaf Ljunggren, Soren Kaergaard & Elith “Nulle” Nykaer
  • Eddie Henderson
  • Fresh Cut Orchestra
  • Tomoko Omura
  • Kenosha Kid
  • Josh Nelson
  • Ben Goldberg
  • Anna Webber
  • Jeremy Siskind
  • Kris Davis Infrasound
  • Bram Weijters/Chad McCullough
  • Christian Wallumrod
  • Chris Lightcap’s Bigmouth


For those playing along at home, an excellent drinking game will be a shot of whiskey for each time I mispronounce an artist’s name (make it a double each time I mispronounce my own name or that of the radio host).  You’ll be pretty well toasty before we’re halfway through the first hour.

I expect it will be quite fun.  However, there is an image from the old cartoon, Home Movies, that flashes through my head from time to time, and, hopefully, will not be applicable.  If it is, I expect the show will still be quite fun for many of you.

In any event, even if I’m a monumental disaster, the music will be seriously cool… so listen in, either live or on the Mixcloud replay.