Oskar Schönning – “The Violin”


Here’s a video from Oskar Schönning‘s 2012 release The Violin.

It’s one of those under-the-radar albums, due most to the fact it doesn’t appear to retail anywhere other than the artist site.  Some of the other album musicians have made an appearance on Bird is the Worm.  For instance, Nils Berg, who in addition to his Cinemascope ensemble album Pop Motion, he’s appeared on the albums of other musicians, notably on Daniel Ogren‘s 2011 folk-jazz release Laponia.  And Jonas Ostholm also performs on Martin Hoper‘s The Bride, which will be making an appearance in the Bird is the Worm Best of 2012 list.  A bunch of serious players from the Scandinavian jazz scene (appears to be mostly centered around Sweden).

Your videos personnel:  Oskar Schönning (bass), Nils Berg (bass clarinet), Sebastian Voegler (drums), Jonas Östholm (piano), Lisa Rydberg (violin), and Emil Strandberg (trumpet).

Music video directed and animated by Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim.



It appears the only place to buy this album is on the artist’s webstore.

Thanks to the person who goes by the nick “The Elephant Shrew” on the AAJ forums for the heads-up about this album.

Have a great Sunday!