Patrick Breiner at the Brooklyn Navy Yard


In addition to today’s featured video by Patrick Breiner, we also have a new Bird is the Worm Tumblr entry from Breiner.  You can see his work space by following this LINK.

Today’s video is Patrick Breiner (using his alias Vartan Mamigonian) performing a bit of improv atop the rooftop structures of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  As many of you know, I’m a sucker for the rooftop photos and videos, so I feature one whenever I can.  It would’ve been nice had there been a quick pan across the landscape, just to get a sense of the horizon line.  Of course, both musician and cameraman may have been more concerned with not falling than they were about my aesthetic preferences, so we’ll give them a pass on that little personal cinematography faux-pas.

Here’s that video:

I was hoping, actually to feature a different video of Breiner’s, but there doesn’t appear to be any actual footage of his performance at Home Audio.  I only know about it myself because of this nifty photo:

Patrick Breiner at Home Audio

And just as I have a thing for rooftop shots, I also have a thing for installations that incorporate lots of pretty lights.  So there you have it.

If you want to explore Breiner’s music, head on over to his Bandcamp page.

Have a great Sunday!