Phronesis has a new album out soon, and previewing it is a good way to spend your Sunday afternoon


Please mark your calendars for September 14th, 2018, because that’s when the outstanding trio Phronesis returns with a new recording.  We Are All, the trio’s eighth album, continues the trend of cutting edge modern jazz, but of greater interest is how the trio is still coming into their own.  Their different perspectives as members of a trio sounds to be entering increasingly into a single confluence of vision, where the post-bop and folk and chamber elements are no longer individual facets, but a communion.  The album, naturally, is getting released on Edition Records.

Your album personnel:  Jasper Høiby (double bass), Ivo Neame (piano), and Anton Eger (drums).

You can pre-order the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.  Pre-order also at Amazon.

And if the trio is new to you, definitely check out my interview of the bassist, Jasper Høiby, in which he talks about the trio’s music and his solo projects.  Plenty of good info, plus embedded music to listen to.  The interview is sitting at The Bandcamp Daily.