Radio show recap: Bird is the Worm on ARTxFM’s “Mingle” with Kevin Coultas


BitW square avatarSo, I was on the radio last Tuesday night, May 12th.  Let me begin my recap by again thanking show host Kevin Coultas and the ARTxFM station for having me on as a guest on his show Mingle.  It was as much fun on my sophomore appearance as it was the inaugural guest-spot.

Sorry I forgot to give my readers a heads-up.  Totally blanked on that post.  However, you can hear the entire show in the embedded audio further down in this post.

And here’s the show playlist.  Kevin always begins with show with a Mingus tune (this episode it was “Bird Calls”), but aside from that, all of these songs come from 2015 releases, except for the RJ Miller tune, which dates back a few years.  Following each line is a link where you can read more on this site about that album or, in some instances where the album hasn’t yet been released, more about the artist for a different album.  Those links, by the way, will open a new window so that you can read about the album as you hear a song from it on the current page:

  • (Intro:  Charles Mingus “Bird Calls”)
  • “The Lovers of Roissy” – Catfish (LINK)
  • “North” – Mikkel Ploug (LINK)
  • “Voices” – Oded Lev-Ari (LINK)
  • “Drifter” – Old Time Musketry (LINK)
  • “Reckoner” – Robert Glasper (TBA)
  • “Finco” – Linus + Skarbo/Leroux (LINK)
  • “Tears Pt. 1” – Fabled (LINK)
  • “Bakou” – Reijseger Fraanje Sylla (LINK)
  • “And They All Came Marching Out of the Woods” – Jakob Bro (LINK)
  • “(Opening) In For a Penny, In For a Pound” – Henry Threadgill (TBA)
  • “The Missing Piece” – Prism Quartet (LINK)
  • “I Kina Spiser de Bjerge” – Zetzum Zorglum (LINK)
  • “Ronald’s Rhythm” – RJ Miller (LINK)
  • “The Gardener” – Till Martin (LINK)
  • “Flying Over the Odra Valley” – Charles Lloyd (LINK)


And now all you gotta do is hit the play button on the player below to hear the entire show…

Mingle 05/12/15 by Mingle on Mixcloud

Kevin has been featuring a lot of the music that you read about on my site, however, you should check out his show archive on the Mixcloud site (LINK) to hear more of the music you read about here as well as other great music that you probably should be listening to.  And if you’re an artist, label or rep who is interested in getting your music featured on Kevin’s weekly show, you should think about contacting him through his show’s Facebook page or via his Twitter account.  He’s a nice guy, so don’t be afraid to shoot him a message and say hi.

Enjoy the show!