Recommended: Awake – “As We Fall”


awake-as-we-fallThere’s an interesting effect in the way the songs of As We Fall are fully revealed as the culmination of the solos.  The ensemble play of the quintet Awake certainly adds to the strong melodic presence of this album, but the process of each member concentrating on one individual facet of the composite melodic imagery allows for not only an enjoyable slow reveal of the final picture, but also provides a great perspective and understanding of all of the depth that contributes to the ultimate manifestation.

Most of the tunes have a dreamy presence, but even when a track like “Snake” flashes some teeth or when guest Emile Parisien sparks a flame with his soprano sax on “Imperfect Circle,” it’s nothing that deviates from the overall melodic focus.  If anything, when the changing tides of intensity spike upward, it only serves to accentuate the peaceful loveliness of the album’s quieter moments.

The Jazz & People label has been having a pretty strong 2016, and this release by Awake just adds to that reputation.

Your album personnel:  Romain Cuoq (tenor sax), Anthony Jambon (guitar), Leonardo Montana (piano), Florent Nisse (double bass), Nicolas Charlier (drums) and guest:  Emile Parisien (soprano sax).

Released on the Jazz & People label.

Listen to more of the album on the label’s Bandcamp page.

Jazz from the Paris, France scene.

Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon