Recommended: Bósforo a pé – “Bósforo a pé”


As far as I can tell, the self-titled Bósforo a pé is a two-track EP.  That’s a shame, because if the quartet Bósforo a pé could put together an entire album comprised of the same music as these two songs, it would be receiving some early consideration for the year-end Best Of list.  It’s got sharp dressed melodies that draw eyes when they enter the room.  Cool grooves go down smooth like whiskey that spent just the right amount of time in the barrel.  Every bit of motion is crafted for dance.  Or a car chase.  Perhaps for chasing down the bad guys, whatever you decide.  There’s plenty of modern jazz edge, some blasts from the old-school past, some surf rock action, some late night blues and some early morning soul.  The music is so damn catchy, it’s easy to forget just how dynamic and complex it sometimes gets.  And it’s all seriously fun.

Go buy this album.  Give them a push for more.

Your album personnel:  Caetano Malta (piano, guitar), Beto Gibbs (drums), Allen Alencar (bass) and Cuca Ferreira (baritone & alto saxophones, flute).

Released on the RISCO label.

Listen to the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from São Paulo, Brazil.

Available at:  Bandcamp

And here’s a nifty video for their song “Pits.”