Recommended: Domenico Cartago – “Chromos”


It’s with a workman-like attitude that Domenico Cartago goes about crafting a melody.  The music of Chromos is quite beautiful, and every inch of that beauty hinges on the success of its melodies.  The impression made is one where the pianist sketches the melody out according to a very specific routine, adds embellishments and details and textures, maps out some detours for further exploration, then sticks a pin in the map exactly where he wants it all to end up.  Because even as “Indaco” takes off in flight and “Ocra” murmurs and churns and “Gamma” breathes slowly and “Krene” skips and hops and glides, they all exude a sense of intense focus and tight control.  The beauty of a gemstone is as much at the mercy of the elemental forces that created it as it is the hands of the jeweler who gives the stone its ultimate shape and form.  On this lovely recording, Domenico Cartago and his bass-drum duo of Giorgio Vendola and Pippo D’Ambrosio assume both roles, of earth and man, pressure and hand.  It couldn’t have come out any prettier.

Your album personnel:  Domenico Cartago (piano), Giorgio Vendola (double bass), Pippo D’Ambrosio (drums) and guest:  Elisabetta Pasquale (voice).

Released on Auand Records.

Music from Trani, Italy.

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