Recommended: Giovanni Falzone – “Far East Trip”

This album just sings with life.  Its enthusiasm is infectious and it’s hard not to feed off its energy.  This live performance is part rendition, part homage.  Half of the pieces that comprise Far East Trip are re-arrangements of Duke Elliington’s “Far East Suite,” whereas the other pieces, all originals, are Giovanni Falzone giving sonic form to the meaning Duke’s music holds for him personally.  The trumpeter’s quintet is heavy on the wind instruments, and they take every opportunity to put their music at the mercy of intense harmonic forces.  The end result is that the sound is huge, and it’s remarkable that it’s just the five at the center of it.

Recorded live at Milan’s Palestra Visconti just under one year ago, every bit of the electricity of the live performance environment bleeds into the recorded medium.  Every bit of this music is tuneful and joyous.  Go check it out.

Your album personnel:  Giovanni Falzone (trumpet), Massimo Marcer (trumpet), Massimiliano Milesi (tenor & baritone saxophones), Andrea Baronchelli (trombone, tuba) and Alessandro Rossi (drums).

Released on the Musicamorfosi label.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Milan, Italy.

Available at:  Bandcamp