Recommended: Giuseppe Finocchiaro – “Prospectus”


Each piece comprising the new album from Giuseppe Finocchiaro is strikingly picturesque.  The Italian pianist adds some Spanish and Arabic influences to his trio’s modern sound, but these seem less like attempts at music inventiveness than simply additional textures to manifest his potent imagery.  The swirling melody of “Taranta” and the brisk cant of “Verana” and the cheerful tones of “Español” chart a range from focused intensity to bright sunniness, while tracks like “Suspendido a Ti” and “Winter” and “Paris” sink into contemplation and stillness and peace.  On its face, it might appear that Prospectus presents two separate tones, running parallel to one another and never quite coalescing.  However, no matter how the trio ultimately expresses each musical scene, the music radiates an intimate warmth, and that is what joins these pieces into one cohesive series of images.

Just a really enjoyable modern piano jazz recording.

Your album personnel:  Giuseppe Finocchiaro (piano), Giovanni Arena (double bass), Riccardo Gerbino (tabla, cajon) and guest: Martin Romero (vocals).

Released on Dodicilune Records.

Listen to another album track on the artist’s Soundcloud page.

Music from Catania, Italy.

Available at:  Amazon | eMusic