Recommended: HOERA. – “Beestentijd”


As if peacefulness were a specific observable color, Beestentijd cycles through different shades of serenity on this new release from the trio HOERA.  “Slaapgraag” drifts happily along, propelled forward by the murmur of Dries Laheye‘s bass and interrupted by the occasional outburst of effects.  The guitar of Bert Cools paints the melody like a sky full of stars on “Maakt je blij.”  And on “Deinen,” Stijn Cools transforms an array of percussion instruments into the embodiment of a stiff breeze cutting through a grove of branches and leaves and sunlight.  The music is animated, but always at the service of establishing a tranquil atmosphere.  Each piece is formless in how it’s structured, but they all are defining elements of a focused personality.  And though this music makes it so easy to slip away into daydreams, its arresting beauty keeps the attention riveted in place.

Simply gorgeous.

Your album personnel:  Bert Cools (electric & acoustic guitars), Dries Laheye (electric & acoustic bass guitars) and Stijn Cools (drums).

Released on the Granvat label.

Listen to more of the album at the label’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Antwerp, Belgium.

Available at:  Bandcamp

Gorgeous cover art, “Bonasus,” by Johan Meuris.

Speaking of that cover art, you can buy a jigsaw puzzle of the picture on their Bandcamp page.