Recommended: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Sound Rhythm & Form”


Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - "Sound, Rhythm and Form"What’s particularly cool about the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and their newest Sound Rhythm & Form is how the harmonic flow becomes the recording’s skeletal system, binding up each song no matter how different its personality might be from the others.  A song like “Gagut” brings down the harmonies like a sky full of snow, a warm and gorgeous view that seamlessly leads right into the slow groove of “Oyibo” before scooting off with a slick melody on “Diodorus.”  A track like “Seer” shows that there’s no obstacle between laying both the harmony and the groove on thick, dampening none of the warmth and inhibiting none of the dance action.

The ensemble features Kelan Phil Cohran, who, in addition to being a Sun Ra, AACM and Earth Wind & Fire alum, is also the father to a band comprised of siblings.  That mix of challenging and embraceable music, of smart motion and lovely flow is all on display on this recording.  “Zenith” sends things spinning with a cyclical motion while “The Levant” juxtaposes a hopping motion against something more resembling flight.  And then there’s the seriously tuneful “Francis,” which is the kind of catchy song nobody’s gonna mind getting lodged in their head.

This album is all kinds of wonderful.

Your album personnel:  Gabriel “Hudah” Hubert (trumpet), Saiph “Cid” Graves (trombone), Amal Baji Hubert (trumpet), Jafar Baji Graves (trumpet), Seba “Clef” Graves (trombone), Tarik “Smoove” Graves (trumpet), Uttama “Rocco” Hubert (baritone horn), Hashim “Hash” Bunch (bass), Kevin “VoEra” Hunt (guitar) and guest: Kelan Phil Cohran (voice).

Released on Pheelco Entertainment.

Jazz from the Chicago scene.

Available at:  Amazon | CDBaby