Recommended: Just Another Foundry – “Bouwer”


There’s an appealing nonchalance to this session from the Just Another Foundry trio of tenor saxophonist Jonas Engel, double bassist Florian Herzog and drummer Anthony Greminger.  The casual looseness of Bouwer is why opening track “Elle” is able to spit out all kinds of fire and “Wurzel” can show flashes of humor with a grin of sharp teeth, and any recoil from aggression is negated.  And when the trio brings a focus to the delivery, as they do on the galloping “Stanislaus” and “Rheinfahrt” with its shifting tides, it illuminates the likability of the loose delivery with a bit of contrast.

The album’s heart prefers a rapid beat, but when the trio slows things down on the blues-inflected “Low-Key” and the structurally dispersed “Mädchen Aus Dem Rosengarten” and the soulful “Tikva,” the blood flows with no less intensity.

A fun little session.

Your album personnel:  Jonas Engel (tenor sax), Florian Herzog (double bass) and Anthony Greminger (drums).

Released on Double Moon Records and JazzThing.

Music from Cologne, Germany.

Available at:  Amazon | eMusic