Recommended: Kira Kira – “Bright Force”


If you’re seeking out a sonic approximation of catching a ride in the center of a tornado, this session from the Kira Kira quartet of trumpeter Natsuki Tamura, pianist Satoko Fujii, keyboardist Alister Spence and drummer Ittetsu Takemura is a step in the right direction.  There is some melodic intent present.  Even amongst the chaos of Bright Force, you can catch glimpses of a melodic fragment.  But they are at the mercy of the forces of motion that rip a streak down the center of each piece, where turbulence and volatility are the gods that will the music forward.  Those moments when the trio gives a hint of the peacefulness that lies at the heart of the storm are almost stunning, both for their sudden appearance and also their piercing beauty.  This effect is revealed in its starkest terms on the three part “Luna Lionfish Suite.”

I’m believe I’m on solid footing to claim that people who use the word ‘fun’ to describe roller coasters have a far too liberal definition of that word, not to mention a thin grasp on their own sanity.  Be that as it may, those same people would probably tag Bright Force in much the same way.

Your album personnel:  Natsuki Tamura (trumpet), Alister Spence (Rhodes electric piano, effects pedals, preparations), Satoko Fujii (piano) and Ittetsu Takemura (drums).

Released on Libra Records.

Available at:  Amazon