Recommended: Lisa Stick Septett – “Tyst”


There’s a sense with Tyst of music existing in a perpetually emergent state.  It’s an enticingly languorous motion that carries through the duration of this mesmerizing set by the Lisa Stick Septett, and how the melody is gradually revealed as if from the enveloping folds of a thick mist creates a wonderful bit of anxious tension.  It’s an approach most prominent on tracks like “Braband,” “Slow Day” and “13.Januar.”  The septet throws some punches with “Une Rue” and “Ove” is wild and free, but it’s how “Lingering” makes the attention hang on each note of a gorgeous melody or how melodic lines spryly dance circles about one another on “Meilahti” that represents the best this album has to offer.

Of particular interest is how Lisa Stick complements her trombone with a string quartet, and then takes advantage of all of the harmonic possibilities this affords her.  The bass and drums duo of Christian Müller and Dirk Achim Dhonau strike out on a path right down the center of it all, providing the ethereal music a center of gravity and an outline of definition.

Just a lovely recording.

Your album personnel:  Lisa Stick (trombone), Julia Mahns (violin), Gillian Bradtke (violin), Tina Oepen (viola), Constantin Pritz (cello), Christian Müller (double bass) and Dirk Achim Dhonau (drums, vocals).

Released on the JazzLab Label.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Hamburg, Germany.

Available at:  Bandcamp