Recommended: Oggy & The Phonics – “Folklore Imaginaire”


The thrill of Folklore Imaginaire is seeing how the melody makes it to the end of the story.  Oggy & The Phonics begin each track with a crisp melodic statement designed to get its hooks in ya.  And pretty much across the board, they’re successful in that regard.  But from there, the quintet takes the melody for a ride, like a car chase scene in an action movie, with high speeds and sudden turns and sometimes careening wildly off-road before hitting dead center the next.  Sometimes the melody takes to flight, as on the pulsing opening track “Unknown Force.”  And sometimes it skirts along the edge of a groove as on “La Réthorique du Panda” before breaking into psych-rock territory.  There’s the head full of steam on “L’alchimiste” and how electric guitar edge gives way to the slow unwinding of melodic strands.  Or how fluttering becomes drone becomes tranquility on “Canyon.”

Every track is a different melody and every melody has a different story.  It’s pretty damn fun watching each one of them play out.

Your album personnel:  Louis Billette (saxophones), Gaspard Colin (electric bass), Théo Duboule (electric guitar), Marton Kiss (drums) and Clement Meunier (clarinet).

The album is Self-Produced.

Listen to more of the album at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Lausanne, Switzerland.

Available at:  Bandcamp