Recommended: PAJARO – “Lineas Ley”


What a beautiful album.  The P∆JARO trio of tenor saxophonist Mauro Panzillo, guitarist Emmanuel Rotondo and drummer Francisco Jaime are a sea of tranquility, and their new album Líneas Ley rocks gently on the surface of gorgeous melodies and delicate rhythms.  On this session, they are joined by Hikaru Iwakawa, and both his instrumental and vocal contributions amp up the South American folk music elements already present in the P∆JARO trio’s music.  But more essentially, the additional diversity of instrument choices like quena and siku creates textures and nuance within a fabric resplendent with such features.

Another quality that stands out prominently is how the music is reminiscent of some of Bill Frisell’s early-period works on ECM Records and Nonesuch.  Woozy harmonics unfolding from sharp melodic imagery leaves its mark throughout this recording.  It figures into the serene opening tracks “Ascenso” and “Un Lugar,” as well as the peculiarly upbeat “Faro.”  The guitarist, Emmanuel Rotondo, works in a nice complement of loops and effects to bolster his lovely melodic voicings, and how this contrasts with the wind instruments is just as fascinating as when its coalesces into their stream of thought.

The end is vastly different than what led up to it, and as a result, immensely satisfying.  The quartet unsettles the placid surface with “Intro” before launching into dramatic waves of intensity on the finale “Cubo.”

What an outstanding, supremely enjoyable recording.

Your album personnel:  Mauro Panzillo (tenor sax, piano), Emmanuel Rotondo (guitar, loops, effects), Francisco Jaime (drums, percussion) and Hikaru Iwakawa (quena, siku, voice, piano).

This album is Self-Produced.

Listen to more of the album at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Available at:  Bandcamp