Recommended: Radament – “Radament”


The sense of perpetual forward propulsion is the key to the self-titled debut of Radament.  It is as if the duo of pianist Juanjo Fernández and drummer Giorgio Fausto Menossi are shaping melodies from the forces of momentum, and crafting the melodies in-transit.  It makes for a riveting presentation, and it rivals their simple, resonant beauty.  The thing of it is, that constant forward propulsion of Radament also has the effect of giving these tunes a seriously personable demeanor, a sort of focused chatter that is arresting dialog on its face, but also has the quizzical charm of a hyperactive speaker who fluidly moves from one subject of adoration to the next.  It keeps the attention fixated, even if the subject is ever undergoing change.

The duo lays off the gas pedal on “Los Pájaros Gobiernan La Ciudad Vacía” with no lessened effect on the resonance of the melodies or, for that matter, on the sense of constant forward propulsion.  And “Lucy” allows for some thoughtful pauses where the melody is allowed to take root.  And then there’s how the pretty, sing-song melody of “Bebelle” reveals its substance through a full revolution of each of its facets.

I took to this album immediately, and continue to find it equally charming with each additional listen.

Your album personnel:  Juanjo Fernández (piano) and Giorgio Fausto Menossi (drums).

This album is Self-Produced.

Listen to more of the album at the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Music from Barcelona, Spain.

Available at:  Bandcamp