Recommended: Skadedyr – “Culturen”


Skadedyr - "Culturen"Hanging out on the fringes of modern jazz, the 12-member Skadedyr sometimes sound like the envelope-pushing indie jazz of Todd Sickafoose and Chris Lightcap, then other times they just blow right past that envelope and break into a Beatles psychedelic pop akin to that of Olivia Tremor Control.  No better example of this exists on their new album Culturen than opening track “Datavirus,” which switches from a pop-infused jazz stroll before shifting into folk territory that accentuates melodic beauty as much as it does delivering a catchy tune. Second track “Muggen Loop” is merely an effects-laden extension of the opener, as well as a precursor for the electronic experimentation that shapes this recording.  The sprawling “Bie” shows their talents at both minimalism and complex structural builds.  Same can be said for “Trålertrall,” though the picture is framed with dissonance and comforting harmonic waves.

The album ends with the title-track “Culturen,” bringing the album full circle by incorporating the elements that opening track “Datavirus” was built upon.  But where the opener segregated those elements into two halves of the same song, the finale “Culturen” brings them into the fold, combining them into a single expression.  It’s a nice way of wrapping things up, and it’s a satisfying conclusion to this intriguing album.

Your album personnel:  Hans Hulbækmo (drums), Øystein Aarnes Vik (drums), Heida Mobeck (tuba), Anja Lauvdal (piano and synth), Adrian Løseth Waade (violin), Ina Sagstuen (vocals), Ida Løvli Hidle (accordion), Torstein Lavik Larsen (trumpet), Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone), Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson (double bass), Lars Ove Fossheim (guitar) and Marius Klovning (steel guitar).

Released on Hubro Music.

Jazz from the Oslo, Norway scene.

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