Recommended: Terell Stafford – “Forgive and Forget”


I’ve developed a mild addiction to the new one from trumpeter Terell Stafford for the better part of this year.  Forgive and Forget swings cheerfully along, dishing out old school jazz that’s upbeat and joyful and beams a melody like a wide smile.  This is music to wake up to first thing in the morning.  This is music for getting through your day.  This is music to jumpstart a night out on the town.  This is music for when the evening grows faint and a soft landing on a soft bed is all that remains.  “A Two-Per To Fill” comes heavy with the blues and “Owl Express” shows the album has a whimsical side.  And when the quintet slows things down on the title-track and “Please Rest My Soul,” the slower pace and contemplative tone does nothing to extinguish the cheerful mood or the strength with which the music resonates.

You’d have to possess a heart forged of ice and a soul hungry for despair for this album not to spark a connection.

Your album personnel:  Terell Stafford (trumpet), Tim Warfield (tenor sax), Kevin Hays (piano), Greg Williams (bass) and Rodney Green (drums).

This Self-Produced album was released on Herb Harris Music.

Music from Philadelphia, PA.

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