Recommended: Tomas Velazquez – “Sexteto Indigo”


tomas-velazquez-sexteto-indigoThe newest from pianist Tomás Velázquez has him leading a sextet that comes out strong with half the personnel on saxophones.  This kind of scenario can end up where everyone who isn’t on a reed instrument gets lost in the crowd, or, just as unfortunate, a schism could form between the melodic development of one ensemble section and the rhythmic of the other.  Thankfully, on Sexteto Índigo, Velázquez guides his sextet to a place where everyone still gets their individual voices heard even though the focus is put on establishing a cohesive unit acting in unison.  It’s why the sextet’s thick sound is no obstacle to some seriously free-flowing lyricism, and it’s why the passages of dense harmonies and divergent melodic lines don’t do anything to prevent the music from staying light on its feet.

Your album personnel:  Tomás Velázquez (piano, Fender Rhodes), Lucas Goicoechea (alto sax), Nicolás Lowry (tenor sax), Mauricio Deambrosi (tenor sax), Hernán Cassibba (bass) and Axel Filip (drums).

The album is Self-Produced.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Jazz from the Buenos Aires, Argentina scene.

Available at:  Bandcamp