Recommended: Wako and Oslo Strings – “Modes For All Eternity”


The melodic beauty of Modes For All Eternity is evident right from the start.  This collaboration between the Wako jazz quartet and the Oslo Strings doesn’t hold back on crafting these melodies for maximum emotional impact.  This is a gorgeous album, and the music would melt even the blackest heart.  But it’s the motion adopted by each piece that’s most likely to captivate.

There’s the casual groove of “Carla” and the quick steps of “Africanus” and the process with which it developed from the gentle grace of “I Died for Beauty.”  All three pieces possess differently enchanting cadences that give, in totality, the impression of a dialog between songs.  A little dissonance with “Rejoice” and a little serenity with “Song For All the Annettes” instigate a shifting of tides in unexpected directions.  And then there’s the ephemeral “Sappho’s Theme,” a song made from the stuff of dreams and beating with the heart of a lullaby.  It moves as if dancing, and sometimes as if floating peaceably overhead.

Pretty easy to fall for this one.

Your album personnel:  Martin Myhre Olsen (alto sax), Kjetil André Mulelid (piano), Bardur Reinert Poulsen (double bass), Simon Olderskog Albertsen (drums), Kaja Constance Rogers (violin), Isa Caroline Holmesland (viola) and Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen (cello).

Released on AMP Music & Records.

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Soundcloud page.

Music from Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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