So… about 2018, Part IV: This is a subtweet


All due respect, seriously, all of it, but one of the most misguided, tepid things a person could have said about fans being effusive a.f. about the modern jazz scene is “hey, guys, let’s not get too excited, huh?”

Wrong. Bad. Ignore that advice.

But a far greater sin is if that person tried to convince you that your excitement is somehow disrespectful or hurtful to the scene.

It’s not.  Not even close.  And to suggest otherwise is not only insipid, but also guilty of the very thing being warned against.

Get too excited.  Hyperbole away.  Celebrate these days, because the modern jazz scene (or whatever you want to call it) is having a serious moment, and it’s a moment that can last for a day, a year, an era, an endless age of celebrating new music and grand expressions and creative upheavals.  Embrace it with all you got.

Here is a song that makes me feel completely alive every damn time I hear it.  It’s golden.