Something Different: Evan Tighe “Threadcount” & Rob Mosher “Polebridge”

A new edition of Something Different, which features albums that sit way out on the fringes of jazz territory, featuring Evan Tighe Threadcount and Rob Mosher Polebridge.



Evan Tighe – Threadcount

Evan Tighe - "Threadcount"There’s an appealing edginess to the music of Evan Tighe‘s Threadcount.  It’s a cerebral set of avant-garde pieces that work the fine lines between jazz and contemporary classical.  Instruments often double back, sensing that other instruments are following them.  And they are.  The obliteration of melodies is made beautiful in their rebirth as lovely harmonies.

The double saxophone attack slices and dices melodies before they get in so much as a word, but it’s the contrast between the slow motion dissection and the brisk tempos that leaves such an unsettled feeling.  The opening “Folklore” executes this approach with a parade of motifs, each changing into something new before anything else can become old.  But then, with a track like “The Accident of Form,” the distillation of punctuated cadences and an illusory call-and-response results in a tune that, oddly, incites the kind of head-bopping more often associated with far catchier tunes.

And that’s what typifies the music of Threadcount… the tiny islands of simplicity in a sea of complexities.

Your album personnel:  Evan Tighe (drums, percussion, melodica, toy piano), Erik Hove (alto sax), Adam Kinner (tenor sax), Joshua Zubot (violin), and Remi-Jean Leblanc (bass).

This Self-Produced album was released in 2013.

Music from the Montreal, Quebec, Canada scene.

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Rob Mosher – Polebridge

Rob Mosher - "Polebridge"Rob Mosher describes Polebridge as “improvised chamber music for the Wild West.  Imagine Schumann and Prokofiev drunk at a saloon piano,” which certainly qualifies as a Genre Of One.  Mosher takes the mix of jazz, classical, folk and bits of other influences and guides it into a confluence of sound with its own particular flow.  He doesn’t switch between genres; it’s just a matter of which characteristics emerge within the stream of ideas.

The album’s first half is a display of odd meters and curious movements, whereas the second half of the album brings a melodic focus into play.

“Rango’s Tango” delights in bursts of locomotion that retain a stately elegance even when drawled slowly out.  “Marigold” scales tall heights, and then scrabbles back downhill to start all over again.  The mesmerizing “North by Northwest” has an icy beauty that emits some genuine warmth for its brief duration.  “Around the Bend” also offers up a crisp melody, but unlike its predecessor, Mosher’s ensemble spends time developing it in thrilling directions.  “Didn’t Ask (Breathe Now)” works both angles, switching between a tranquil drone and lively gestures… the result being a tune equally adept at lulling the ear into a peaceful sleep or keeping it alert with anticipation.

An album likely to elicit all kinds of intrigue.

Your album personnel:  Rob Mosher (soprano sax, clarinet, English horn), Micah Killion (trumpet), John Marcus (violin), Stephanie Nilles (piano, organ, vox), Andrew Small (acoustic bass) and guests: Peter Lutek (bassoon, contra alto clarinet) and Petr Cancura (mandolin).

This Self-Produced album was released in 2013.

Music from NYC.

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