Something Different: Tunto – “Huvi”


Tunto - "Huvi"It seems there have been a handful of new albums that hit the sweet spot between jazz, folk, and pop, and immersed so deep in the traits of all that when the music rises back above the surface, it sounds quite unlike any of those influences… or anything else for that matter.  Recent recordings by Stein Urheim, Cliff Hines, and the I Think You’re Awesome ensemble create an intoxicating mix of oddball music that is undeniably absorbing and exceedingly tuneful.

Huvi, the newest album by the Tunto ensemble doesn’t range far from that group.  Led by Matti Wallenius, they incorporate a ridiculous array of instruments to pull off their unorthodox sound.  The catchiness of the songs is highly indebted to an intricate rhythmic approach, one that allows melodies to bounce and jostle and groove and stretch out within the environs of the bustling activity.

Tunto translates from the Finnish as “sense of feel” or the sensation of touch.  That squares with the music, which is something of a tactile sonic experience.  It’s also just plain fun.

Your album personnel:  Matti Wallenius (baglama, balalaika, charango, clay whistle, electric bass, guitars & baritone guitar, keyboards, mandolin, percussion, programming, ukulele & baritone ukulele), Petri Heimonen (clarinet, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, concert & bass flutes, tenor sax), Petri Reinikka (snare drum, rimshots, brushes, cymbal), Henrik Duncker (snare drum, brushes, percussion), Tero Siitonen (double bass), Rudi Nerz (Swiss yodeling), Ahmed Abou Elseoud (voice), and Satu Lankinen (voice).

Released on Aani Records.

Music from the Helsinki, Finland scene.

Available at:  eMusic | CDBaby | Amazon MP3

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