Splashgirl – “Pressure”

My review of Splashgirl‘s Pressure has been pubbed over at the Music is Good site.  After the lead-in, you can follow the link to read the rest of the article.


The Nordic Jazz sound has situated itself solidly at a distance from Jazz’s epicenter… introspective, austere, with drifting melodies, and rhythms that often eschew swing for drama.  And as musicians from that fold push the envelope ever outward, it gets to where, perhaps, the music stops being Jazz at all.  In the face of whether an album is of value, this genre philosophizing is a small matter.

What is of more compelling, though ancillary interest, is that by pushing the borders of Jazz outward, musicians who typically play other types of music are testing the waters of Jazz.  Some, like Splashgirl, have actually built a foundation in one of the slight areas of fuzziness where genres cross over.

Combining element of a Jazz piano trio, ambient electronica, and alt-classical new-schoolers like Nils Frahm, with Pressure, Splashgirl has created an intoxicating brand of music that may be tough to categorize, but… (read the rest of the article, HERE, at Music is Good)

Released in 2011 on the Hubro Music label.

Jazz from Norway.

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