Stefano Savini – “Musica Semplice”


Stefano Savini - "Musica Semplice"Musica Semplice, the charming new release by guitarist & composer Stefano Savini, is a wide open blend of jazz, folk, and classical, and though he utilizes a 20-piece ensemble, they rarely appear in the same room at once… there are solo pieces, duets, small and large combos augmented by string accompaniment… different configurations dependent on the particular theme, and resulting in an expansive sound that is enticingly intimate.

Your album personnel:  Stefano Savini (guitar), Walter Zanetti (guitar), Ottavia Sisti (soprano voice), Davide Di Iorio (flute), Stefano Rava (oboe), Mauro Vergimigli (tenor sax), Gian Maria Matteucci (clarinet), Enrico Farnedi (trumpet), Francesco Bucci (trombone), Guido Facchini (piano), Francesca Sgobba, Patrizio Castiglia, Stefano Martini (violin), Manuela Trombini, Elisa Floridia (viola), Fabio Gaddoni, Giacomo Gaudenzi (cello), Mauro Mussoni, Stefano Ricci (bass), and Daniele Sabatani (percussion, vibes).

The boisterous levity of “Gombar” matches the serious-minded drive of “La Marcia,” whereas “Danza Lieve” and “Danza Pesante” bring a more contemplative mood to the affair, with piano establishing the ambiance and the direction.

The three-part “Melodia Sentimentale” is, arguably, the album’s high point.  It opens with the lilting beauty of classical guitar and flute, then moves into the second part’s thick, lovely harmonies from strings paired, also, with flute.  Part three has reeds gliding into the scene,with piano following nearby.  The interlocking parts possess a sharp precision and a stately elegance, both rich in beauty.

“Elogium” is a guitar reverie, hinting at both glory achieved and the heartbreak of losing it.

The seven-part “Pennichella” has strings developing from a patient thoughtfulness up to a frenzied perambulation, then hitting a landing spot in a state of calm and repose.

The album ends with the stunning “Angiluì,” a song that rides the comforting sway of cello and vibes, and soars with the oboe of Stefano Rava and the soprano voice of Ottavia Sisti.  The jaw-dropping beauty of oboe & voice melodically intertwined while in flight ends too soon, as does this outstanding album.

Released on Dodicilune Records.

Jazz from Italy.

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Other things you should probably know:

Dodicilune RecordsI highly recommend searching this site for more albums released on Dodicilune Records.  They will share similar traits, notably a mix of jazz, classical, and Italian folk music, and every year, they release a couple that just rock my world.  Musica Semplice is one of them.