Step Up, Stumble Back: This is what you get for starting a music blog


BitW square avatarOkay, ready or not, we need to start posting recommendations again.

Things aren’t where I thought they’d be at this point as far as my site’s appearance and functionality and other fun stuff, but I didn’t anticipate the number of obstacles that would present themselves before I could even get around to a site revamp.  So, for now, we’re going with what we’ve got, and over the course of the next two months, you’ll see a series of changes to the site from time to time.  The fact is, we need to start putting a dent in your budget with new music recommendations.  Immediately.

Huge thanks for the hard work, past and ongoing, from my sister, who slapped a spammer around for awhile, then helped with some hosting issues by doing daily battle with the ponderous, sadistically obtuse Dreamhost customer support, and, now, is patiently fielding my dangerously rudimentary coding questions as I posit changes I want to make, always preceding my emails with a “hey, will this screw my site up if I do it?”  Worth noting, she does this kind of thing for a living via her company Ripple Effect Design.  Some of you musicians, labels, bloggers and PR people should keep her in mind as you encounter those site issues you’d love to fix/improve/develop if only you had the time… which we rarely do.  It’s definitely worth your time to shoot her an email via her site and see if there are things she can help with.


P.S.  Keep the Yellow or not?  I’ve been waffling all day about that one.