Album of the Day: “Wobegon” by Aaron Irwin Trio


Artist:  Aaron Irwin Trio

Album: Wobegon

Label:  Fresh Sound New Talent

Style:  Jazz Americana

Favorite Track:  Wobegon

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NYC

What I like about it:  It’s rooted in thick melodies as wide as the day is long.  It’s the kind of music you’d imagine being played out on the back porch on an Autumn day, green fields dotted by the colors of fallen leaves, and the sunlight dwindling over the horizon.  I like how it ratchets up the heat and makes those languid passages resonate that much stronger by way of comparison.

Extra Notes:  I wrote about Irwin’s 2015 release A Room Forever back when it first came out, and I still highly recommend it.  It falls in line with his latest, though if Wobegon is a campfire crackling away in the backyard, then A Room Forever is a flickering candlelight in the window after the campfire has been extinguished, everyone’s gone to sleep and fireflies play beneath a sky full of stars.

Your album personnel:  Aaron Irwin (alto sax), Mike Baggetta (guitar) and Jeff Hirshfield (drums).

Available at:  Amazon

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Soundcloud page.

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