Album of the Day: Karl Bjorå’s Aperture – “The Most Obvious Solution”


Artist:  Karl Bjorå’s Aperture

Album:  The Most Obvious Solution

Label:  Øra Fonogram

Style:  Chamber jazz

Favorite Track: “Lightheaded Lizard”

Music from:  Trondheim, Norway

What I like about it:  There’s something quite thrilling about the way each melody takes every sharp angle it encounters, and how these sudden changes of direction emit a sense of careening wildly about… even as the changes are executed with a surgical precision.  And so in this context, I find myself immensely enjoying how fluid and melodious each piece presents itself.  There’s a sense of complex clockwork mechanics at play, and yet these melodies are as ephemeral as the effect of light beams on a sundial.  This album resides in a shared place with New Jazz visions like Todd Sickafoose’s Tiny Resistors and Allison Miller’s Otis Was A Polar Bear, and if recent history is indicative of the future, I will be addicted to Karl Bjorå’s Aperture‘s The Most Obvious Solution for a very long time.

Your album personnel:  Karl Bjorå (guitar), Adrian Løseth Waade (violin, viola), Bárður Reinert Poulsen (double bass), Andreas Winther (drums, electronics) and guest:  Astri Hoffmann-Tollaas (cello).

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