Winter came and went, but your Sunday still aches for some Game of Thrones action


Since HBO has left a void in your Sunday nights by ending Game of Thrones far too quickly, here’s some videos to dull the pain.

First up is from saxophonist Andrew Gutauskas.  He’s got an album out sometime later in 2019 on Outside In Music.

Your song personnel:  Andrew Gutauskas (soprano sax), Josh Paris (bass), and Chris Smith (drums).

Until that new album is released, in the meantime you can check out his 2017 release Look Up!.

And just in case you, like me, dies a little death every time the syrupy melody of the GoT theme accompanies that cool show opening of the clockwork castles of Westeros, here’s a respite from that banality.  The song “Arya” was inspired by the show’s character, but doesn’t sound like anything that would ever make an appearance in the soundtrack.  It’s by the Philippe Lemm Trio, from a 2017 performance at Jazz Club Paradox in Tillburg, Netherlands.

Your video personnel:  Philippe Lemm (drums), Angelo Di Loreto (piano) and Jeff Koch (bass).

The piece also makes an appearance on their 2018 recording City Birds, which, coincidentally, was also released by Outside In Music.  You can listen to that album at the artist’s Soundcloud page.  It’s available to purchase at Amazon.