Best of 2018 #20: Mephiti – “Mephiti”


When I made this album one of my Best Jazz on Bandcamp recommendations, I stated that the takeaway of this album is that there are countless ways to express a state of serenity. The Mephiti sextet possess a strong melodic perspective, and the substance of their vision is revealed in the nuanced way they allow each to emerge, slowly, patiently, like nurturing a small flame into a roaring fire.  Four of the instruments are stringed, with two guitars, bass and a kantele, and the way they delicately weave melodic patterns is not unlike Bill Frisell’s masterful use of loops and effects.  Just a gorgeous recording that kept getting better over time.

Released on El Negocito Records.

Music from Antwerp, Belgium.

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Available at:  Bandcamp | Amazon