Album of the Day: Awake – “Aubes et Crépuscules”


Artist:  Awake

Album:  Aubes et Crépuscules

Label:  Jazz & People

Style:  Modern post-bop

Favorite Track: “Rêverie”

Music from:  Paris, France

What I like about it:  I like how little hints of a folk-jazz sound pop up from time to time, and how they accentuate the modern sound with something a bit rustic.  I like how even the up-tempo pieces seem to beat with the heart of a ballad, as if the quintet Awake sees a love song everywhere they look.  When the ensemble turns the heat up, I like how it’s never with the intention to burn, only to mesmerize.

Your album personnel: Romain Cuoq (tenor sax), Anthony Jambon (guitar), Leonardo Montana (piano), Florent Nisse (double bass), Nicolas Charlier (drums), and guests: Anne Sila, Bastien Picot (voice).

Available at: Amazon | Bandcamp

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