Best of 2019 #64: Malboro Bled – “Malboro Bled”


Damn but I like how this trio flexes a melody.  It’s all about the shows of strength on the eponymous debut from the Malboro Bled, but the charm of the album is in how that strength translates to its momentum.  The motion, judged on its own merits, is pretty addictive, but how it shapes a melody’s development or the way in which it builds to a peak of harmonic bliss or digs into a thick groove is where the power’s true source of goodness shines through.  It’s also why the moments of peacefulness resonate so much more strongly.  Cellist Bruno Ducret, drummer Maxime Rouayroux, and bass saxophonist Fred Gastard have put together an album that is exciting as hell, and it’s often not until the ride is over that it sinks in just how much fun it is, too.

Your album personnel:  Bruno Ducret (cello), Maxime Rouayroux (drums), and Fred Gastard (bass saxophone).

The album is Self-Produced.

Music from Bled, Slovenia.

I wrote about this album for The Bandcamp Daily.

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