You deserve some videos. Let’s watch some videos.


You deserve a video post.  Yes, you.  And here it is.  Let’s begin…

Oh my god, I love this first video.  It’s from Christoph Irniger Pilgrim and it’s the tune “Improvisation in C Major,” which is on his latest release Crosswinds.  This gorgeous video is shot by Kohei Yamaguchi.  Yes, music world, more videos like this please.  More music like this, too.

This video has all the attributes that veteran readers of this site know I look for:  trains, boats, moody city skylines, seagulls, city street scenes… I’m probably forgetting some stuff, but you get the point.  It’s got it all

I included Crosswinds in my latest Best Jazz on Bandcamp column, so go check that out and tell them I said hello.

Here’s something a little different from Mikkel Ploug.  It features Ploug’s “A New Logic,” which is a melody transcription of philosopher Alain Badiou.  It also includes dance by Tilman O’Donnell and was filmed at the Århus Rådhus.

Be sure to also check out Ploug’s 2018 release Faroe.

And let’s wrap up today’s column with an in-studio performance of the song “Rue du Jour” from the upcoming new release by Fanny Gunnarsson.  The new album will reportedly be released in March, so you won’t have long to wait to hear more.

The quartet is Fanny Gunnarsson (piano), Karolina Almgren (soprano sax), Kristian Rimshult (bass) and Hannes Olbers (drums).

And be sure to check out Gunnarsson’s 2017 release Mirrors.