Album of the Day: Ishi No Hoden – “Ishi No Hoden”


Artist:  Ishi No Hoden

Album:  Ishi No Hoden

Label:  Self-Produced


Favorite Track: “Monogatari”

Music from:  Trieste, Italy

What I like about it:  There’s an appealing dreamy lyricism to this set of tunes inspired by Japanese folklore.  The septet Ishi No Hoden plants itself firmly in modern jazz territory, sometimes working a bright contemporary sound and sometimes the melodic adventurism of the Brian Blade Fellowship.  This latter quality is especially important in the context of the particular recording, where over half of the tracks are at least nine minutes in length, including one that ranges upwards of twenty minutes in duration. I like that the ensemble can keep the melodic fires burning throughout, providing a sense of their desire to wander while staying focused on the road back home.

Your album personnel:  Camilla Collet (drums), Andro Manzoni (percussion), Pietro Spanghero (double bass), Francesco De Luisa (piano, keyboards), Giacomo Zanus (electric guitar), Mirko Cisilino (trombone) and Giorgio Giacobbi (tenor & soprano saxophones).

Available at:  Bandcamp

Listen to more of the album on the artist’s Bandcamp page.

Album cover art by Diana Leone.

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