Album of the Day: Jake Leckie – “The Abode”


Artist:  Jake Leckie

Album:  The Abode

Label:  Outside In Music

Style:  New old-school

Favorite Track: “Bam Bam”

Music from:  Los Angeles, CA

What I like about it:  I like that it doesn’t matter whether Jake Leckie runs with an old-school or new-school approach, the result is a warm sound crackling with life.  A lot of that warmth comes courtesy of trumpeter Kenny Warren, who has a talent for finding the blues at the center of everything.  I like how a string trio guesting on three tracks adds some nice harmonic textures, and how the same applies with the guest percussionists and their textural effect on the rhythmic dialog.  The bassist’s core quartet also includes nice contributions from drummer Nathan Ellman-Bell and pianist Sebastien Ammann, and I like how they adapt to the different guest influences, simultaneously keeping the album’s overall cohesion while allowing those guests to shine for all they’ve got.

Your album personnel:  Jake Leckie (bass), Kenny Warren (trumpet, flugelhorn), Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums), Sebastien Ammann (piano), and guests: Caroline Davis (sax), Alexis Morrast (vocals), Daniel Prim (percussion), Andrei Matorin (violin), Tomoko Omura (violin), Agustin Uriburu (cello), Ivey Paige (organ) and Brenda Trotter-Workman (tambourine).

Available at:  Amazon | Bandcamp

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