Best of 2018 #35: Ledesma Angelillo Hurtado Brandán – “Gato Barbieri Revisitado”


It’s especially rewarding how the Buenos Aires quartet of saxophonist Pablo Ledesma, pianist Pepe Angelillo, bassist Mono Hurtado, and drummer Carto Brandán recognized the diverse niche of music expressions that comprised the creative arc of Leandro “Gato” Barbieri’s career, and then turned around and honored those influences with deft reinterpretations alongside some parallel visions of their own original works.  There’s some brazen edginess, some Latin tempo groove, some lighthearted melodic reveries and, conversely, some that take on more serious tones.  Sometimes they highlight the folk music aspect and other times the avant-garde leanings of their inspiration source.  Add to that the concept of old vs. new vs. old made new again, and the intrigue just continues to build into something quite special.

Released on Discos ICM.

I wrote about the album for The Bandcamp Daily.

Music from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Available at:  Bandcamp