Take a tour of Ronin Rhythm Records by downloading their free sampler


Ronin Rhythm Records is most associated with founder Nik Bärtsch and his ensemble Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin.  However, it is not just some vanity label.  Over the course of thirteen years, Ronin Rhythm Records has been the launching pad for a number of different ensembles.  And while many of them do fall into that meditation at high speeds sound, it’s more of an aesthetic generalization than an catalog itemization.  So, spend your Sunday digging through this free sampler and find what might become your next favorite album.

The label has put the parenthetical “free download” in the title, so take them up on their offer and put an amount of zero in the purchase amount field.  The album is retailing at Name Your Price, so that gives you the opportunity to send along some cash if you like what you hear… either right away or circle back later to it if you’re so inclined (you can always purchase the album a second time and give money that time).

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You can download from the embedded player above or you can go grab it at the Ronin Rhythm Records bandcamp page.  And while you’re there, you can check out all the other music they’ve got on that page.