The Round-up: Those days when the city belongs to you


Here is some very good new music.


Kasper Staub Trio – Strøg (Jaeger Community)

This is music that constantly flirts with a tranquil atmosphere but just won’t let it settle in.  The trio of pianist Kasper Staub, drummer Anders Vestergaard and bassist Jens Mikkel create pools and eddies of activity, rhythms that bubble up and set the melodies to action.  There are plenty of peaceful moments, but far more that twitch with energy that begs to be released.  Some albums are made for first thing in the morning.  They sync in with a mind, body and soul that is slow to wake and needs a gentle guide to get there.  Strøg is the first album you listen to once that process is done.  Music from Aarhus, Denmark.

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Ignacio Díaz Lahsen & Colectivo Los Musicantes – La Espera y el Despertar (Discos Pendiente)

There’s an appealing ethereal presence to this large ensemble session from Ignacio Díaz Lahsen & Colectivo Los Musicantes.  It’s like a thick fog, moving slowly and enveloping everything within its harmonic embrace.  There’s a sense that this entire project began with Lahsen composing a work for a small chamber ensemble project, but it blossomed into something that required a conductor when the vision grew more expansive and the desire to explore possibilities became too much to ignore.  One such possibility is the track “En Asencia” and how it just comes right out with a big sound and lets it attain all the momentum it wants… all before settling into the thoughtful “El loco que tiraba piedras a la luna” and a motion that exhibits an unrelenting patience.  Music from Santiago, Chile.

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Trichotomy – Live with String Quartet (Self-Produced)

It’s nice to see the Trichotomy trio of pianist Sean Foran, drummer John Parker and bassist Sam Vincent revisit an element of strings with their quirky modern jazz sound.  Their collaboration with the chamber quintet Topology was an intriguing collision of music approaches, and led to some stunning moments.  Their newest foray was recorded live at the Declassified Music Festival, the trio incorporates a string quartet, and the electricity is way more ramped up this time around.  Where before it was a contemplative atmosphere, now it’s a brisk flow of melodic ideas.  Also, the album is retailing at Name Your Price, so if you’re new to the music of Sean Foran, it’s a nice opportunity to dive in before you go exploring his other works.  Speaking of which, I interviewed Foran for The Bandcamp Daily, and that’ll also serve as a solid primer for what else there is out there.  Music from Brisbane, Australia.

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Anders Svanoe – State of the Baritone Volume 2 (Self-Produced)

Plenty enjoyable session from bari saxophonist Anders Svanoe, bassist John Christensen and drummer Rodrigo Villanueva Conroy.  Nothing fancy here, just straight-ahead goodness, sometimes from an old-school perspective and sometimes with a modern touch.  The sound of baritone sax is a fluid form of expression for Svanoe, and so the music stays light on its feet and keeps to a brisk pace, and the instrument’s bulky presence never gets in the way of the music’s flow… even when Svanoe decides to exploit its size advantage.  When Christensen counters the baritone’s deep resonance with some bass arco, it’s an arresting moment.  Music from Madison, Wisconsin.

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Honeybrandy – Deaf Sharp (Harding Street Assembly Lab)

A rather haunting sound to this project from the Honeybrandy duo of Nathan McGlothlin and Joey Wright, with a detached ominous tone as if the recording studio had a window view of the cold abyss of outer space.  On paper, their concoction of electronic effects and slide guitar would seem to be an imperfect match, but once it’s actually put into play, it makes a whole lot of sense.  The formlessness of the electronics and how they occasionally coalesce into moments of stunning imagery presents a remarkably similar interface to the slippery melodicism of slide guitar and how its fluid motion seems endless until it glides back upon its starting point and closes the circle of a melodic vision.  In guest roles, Kris Tyner and Philip Greenlief add some nice textures with wind instruments, and Chris Schlarb, naturally, via electric guitar.  Music from Lynchburg, Virginia.

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